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Algorithmic bidding

on product aggregators

Tenalgo is a platform for profitable product management on product search engines and marketplaces.

Improve the return on your products

How does it work?


Online stores have thousands of products on product search engines and marketplaces, the performance of which often varies greatly. Some of the products tend to be unprofitable (you pay more for clicks than the profit from the orders they bring).

At the same time, there are products with untapped potential: these products could be very profitable, but due to insufficient bids, they are not shown enough and therefore do not bring orders.

Due to loss products and products with unused potential, online stores have a lower profit from product search engines than they could have.


Our algorithm solves both problems. Based on product data and product results, it predicts which products will be unprofitable and which products, on the contrary, appear to be potentially very profitable. For loss-making products, it will reduce the bid to a reasonable value to make them profitable. For high-potential products, it will increase bids to get more clicks and more orders.

Thanks to these bid adjustments, we can achieve more turnover for the same return, or improve the return for the same turnover.

How the algorithm ranks the products

For each product, it evaluates the probability that a click will lead to an order. The probability is calculated based on historical clicks and orders, as well as historical data on similar products from the same category. It estimates the expected amount of the order in a similar way. Based on these estimates, the optimal CPC for each product is then calculated.

Eligible portals

we prepare


The first 30 days are free to try the tool. The price is 8% of the spent amount on the managed portal, minimum €250, and maximum €1500. Invoicing takes place in monthly cycles.

First 30 days free

Monthly advertising expenses

€ 1 000 € 5 000 € 12 000 € 20 000 € 50 000

Monthly fee: € 250 (minimum)

Monthly fee: € 400

Monthly fee: € 960

Monthly fee: € 1 500 (maximum)

Monthly fee: € 1 500 (maximum)

Onboarding process


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Beginning of 30 day free trial period

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